Transforming Great Engineers

Into Great Communicators


Lost prospects, Costly mistakes, Project errors and delays


More clients, Lower costs, Faster turnarounds, Bigger profits

Communication-Competent Engineers Are More Valuable

"In a single hour Mark Kretschmar gives more actionable techniques for immediate use in making impactful presentations than are typically learned from years of study."

Steve D., Infor

"Excellent workshop that provides an easy to use technique to create excellent presentations. Having an algorithm to follow really appeals to the engineer in me."

Jill N., TEKSystems

Here's how...

Replace miscommunication, project errors, and costly mistakes with fewer project errors and lower costs.

You have a good product and good offer but disappointing sales - Win more clients and sales instead.

Projects delayed because important information was missed - Keep everyone on the same page.

Rehash and Regurgitate your content later, or be sure everyone gets it the first time.

Every presentation can be a gamble or you can have a repeatable process that works.

Communication skills, not technical skills, are limiting your successbreakthrough that barrier.

Keep going with the same old problems, or get more done, do it faster, and make people happier.

Be an engineer stereotype or a sought-after professional.

"This is how to achieve presentation success."

Pam K., Principal Engineer

End The Stereotype: Presentation Skills for Engineers Using Engineering Methods

Let's admit it. Engineers have a reputation as bad communicators and bad presenters. It's a reputation that is well earned and leads to project missteps, unimpressed prospects and clients, and bad brand representation.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Engineers are good at solving problems and designing solutions. They have proven methods for doing so. EngineerSpeak uses the methods and approaches engineers are already using and applies them to presentation design and delivery. Once engineers are in familiar territory using familiar tools, the change in their presentation skills is remarkable.

End the stereotype and increase your value and the value of your team. Watch projects run more smoothly and prospects and clients be more impressed. Many of the principals of EngineerSpeak are applicable to interpersonal communication as well making you and your engineers better with those important day-to-day conversations as well.

Engineers Are Your Brand

In every presentation, your brand is on the line. If anything else reflects poorly on your brand, you fix it ASAP! Why allow this to continue?


A Communication Expert Who Speaks "Engineer"

Mark Kretschmar, an engineer turned communication expert, works with engineers, engineering leaders and other technically oriented people to bring their speaking and communication skills up to par with their engineering skills.

Not Just Theory and How-To, But Exactly-How-To

Based on his Ready, Aim, Speak! presentation process, Mark shows you how to use engineering design and problem solving processes to create and deliver spectacular presentations. Participants in Mark's programs leave with templates and planning tools to deliver the right content, to the right people, the right way - that means you achieve your goals for the presentation.


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Transforming Great Engineers

Into Great Communicators